October 20, 2008 at 09:03 PM EDT

So last week, I found in my email box a press release about Living With the Wolfman, a new series premiering tomorrow night on Animal Planet, and I’m still trying to decide what part of the show’s description disturbed me most: The male-female-woodland beast love triangle? The anecdote about raw liver being passed from woman to wolf? The fact that our lady protagonist abandoned perfumes and manicures in the interest of communing with nature/getting famous?After the jump, read the full press release, then tell me if you have any plans to watch this mess. I remain steadfastly undecided, so I’m going to let you all decide whether or not I tune in (and, naturally, blog about it). Vote “yes” or “no”* in the comments section below.

From: Animal Planet PR Dood

**To: Slezak

Subject: Animal Planet’s Jaw Dropping Series “Living with the Wolfman”

I wanted to let you know about a fascinating and truly unbelievable newshow that will be premiering on Animal Planet October 21st called“Living With The Wolfman.” The show documents Shaun Ellis, who hasspent the past three years of his life actually eating, sleeping andliving with a pack of wolves as one of them.

What is even more remarkable is that Shaun’s girlfriend, Helen, hasagreed to join him in this unbelievable lifestyle, as she abandons allthe luxuries of everyday life, like manicures and perfumes and eatingwhatever she wants, to learn how to bark and snarl her way intoacceptance as one of the pack. This remarkable transformation of aneveryday woman to member of the tribe is an extraordinary, poignantand, sometimes, cringe-worthy testament of love. It is also a lovetriangle unlike anything else you have seen — between man, woman…andwolf! (There is even a scene where a wild wolf has to eat raw liver outof Helen’s mouth so that she might become accepted.)

Shaun and Helen’s story is truly unbelievable and would make for anunforgettable story or feature, as to why an everyday woman wouldchoose abandon her girly lifestyle to join in her boyfriend’s dangerousmission, the trials and tribulations their relationship underwent as aresult, why and how they would live as wolves and the incredibletestaments of will that were endured to be included amongst a pack ofwild animals. Part soap opera, part dangerous adventure show and 100% unlike anything else on TV this fall.

* Please vote “no.”

**Name changed to protect publicist

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