By Michael Ausiello
Updated October 20, 2008 at 12:00 PM EDT

Evil has a new face on Supernatural, and it looks something like the dude to the left.

Okay, it is the dude to the left.

Character actor Mark Rolston (Aliens, Cold Case, Profiler, etc.) has been cast in the recurring role of Alastair, the latest demon hell-bent on terrorizing the Brothers Winchester. His first airdate is Nov. 13.

The original breakdown for Alastair described him as a “calm and composed demon with a placid smile that belies his simmering sadism and evil. He’s one of the top demons in Hell. He’s electrifyingly powerful.”

In other words, he’s scarier than Lilith, right? Not necessarily, says a Supe source. “He knows Lilith from Hell, but it’s unclear exactly which of them is the big Big Bad — or if it’s even one of them,” whispers my snitch. “There are a lot of new mythological elements and characters coming into play this season.”

My guess? The dude outranks Lilith. You agree? Disagree? And regardless of where he fits into Hell’s hierarchy, you have to admit this is a pretty cool piece of casting.