October 20, 2008 at 12:00 PM EDT

Stop the tresses! This week MTV2 is hosting a 20th anniversary celebration for Headbangers Ball, the show that unspooled heavy metal videos and taught young Americans how to rock evil. The marking of this milestone—which includes a Metallica special, an Avenged Sevenfold concert, and a VJ roundtable discussion—is thoroughly appreciated, though not quite historically accurate, as MTV’s Ball rolled out on April 18, 1987. (And since we’re already nitpicking, the show has aired only for 13 years: It was canceled in early 1995 and didn’t return until mid-2003, when it moved to MTV2.) Of course, far be it from us to turn down festivities, so we’re honoring the occasion by watching Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law” on a loop in our offices. We’ve also been crafting some Headbanger Haikus. (Instead of 5-7-5, the following are in 6-6-6 format. You know, Number of the Beast and all.)

Adam Curry, that hair
made you less VJ and
more member of Europe

Riki Rachtman—oh wait,
is it Rikki Rockett?
No, he was in Poison

Riki Rachtman, when you
talked to Rikki Rockett
it was confusing, right?

Not to split (long) hairs, but
in the show title, ummm…
where’s the apostrophe?

Dear Ball, thanks for playing
Megadeth and Slayer;
Martha Quinn wasn’t down

Got a better Headbanger Haiku? Or a favorite Headbangers Ball moment? Let ’em rip.

*Actually, 21 and change.

** 5-7-5 becomes 6-6-6.

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addCredit(“Riki Rachtman: Jennifer Rose/Retna; Adam Curry: Everett Collection”)

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