By Wook Kim
Updated October 19, 2008 at 07:00 PM EDT

What? Sports aren’t entertainment? Our colleagues at have put together a list that ranks the 32 stadiums (or, stadia) that are currently home to NFL teams. Fans across the country — about a third of them season-ticket holders — completed an online survey in which they rated their local facility in several categories, including affordability, tailgating, and atmosphere: it was from these results that the rankings were made. First place (again, they topped the list in last year’s inaugural poll): Lambeau Field; home to the Green Bay Packers. A good and sensible selection. I happen to be fan of both this team (even during those pre-Favre days of Dan Majkowski and Tony Mandarich) as well the Philadelphia Eagles (an affair that ended with hurt feelings fifteen years ago, and was rekindled over the last five). What? A guy can’t love two NFL teams at the same time? What are your favorite NFL teams? Do you think that the league-average price of $75/ticket is too high? And to keep this somewhat PopWatch-related: what is, um, your favorite football movie?