TV show's shot in NYC -- A breakdown of the series that film in the Big Apple including ''Ugly Betty,'' ''Gossip Girl,'' and ''30 Rock''

By Lindsay Soll
October 17, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT

If the Statue of Liberty looks a little more authentic on your TV this fall, it’s no accident — a slew of shows are filming in the Big Apple. We explore the grid to see which hoods are getting their close-ups.

Now that Betty has moved production from Los Angeles greenscreens, the crew can film in front of the Suarez home in Jackson Heights, Queens. One recast: The Woolworth Building in lower Manhattan, built in 1913, now serves as the exterior of Mode‘s home, Meade Publications.

Brooke Shields and cast often strut around Midtown East in tony shops like Cartier and near the distinctively curved office building on 57th and Lexington, where Nico (Kim Raver) works.

It’s no surprise that a show about the Upper East Side shoots there, but production does look beyond that posh neighborhood to film at the latest hot spots (like steakhouse STK). Watch for a big night out at club 1Oak in Chelsea on Nov. 3.

Scouting locations for the retro ABC cop drama poses a unique obstacle: How to find ’70s-era architecture in a sea of Starbucks? Turns out the Lower East Side provides a classic tenement look, and haunts like 7B (the watering hole where Mars’ officers hang) that match the show’s tone.

5. 30 ROCK
Only a quarter of the sitcom is filmed near namesake Rockefeller Center — the rest is shot at Silvercup Studios in Long Island City (also home to Gossip Girl‘s sets). Watch for St. Cecilia in Brooklyn, which doubles as the high school where Liz Lemon attends her 20-year reunion during November sweeps.

J.J. Abrams’ sci-fi series is set in Boston, but it’s Brooklyn that serves as stand-in. It has shorter structures, wider streets, and allows the crew to easily avoid the New York skyline while shooting. Since Harvard isn’t moving its campus anytime soon, the Pratt Institute is used to simulate the Ivy League grounds.

Street Heat
The number of series filming in NYC has been rising since a tax incentive program was launched in 2005 to attract new production.

2003: 8
2004: 9
2005: 8
2006: 14
2007: 13
2008: 19

$3 Mil: The average cost to shoot one episode of a network show in NYC