New roles for 'The Wire' actors -- Many cast members of the HBO drama have found new homes on prime time.

By Alynda Wheat
Updated October 17, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT
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New roles for ‘The Wire’ actors

Fans of HBO’s late, great urban saga The Wire, take solace: Many in the cast have found homes on prime time. But some of the actors’ new characters orbit closer to their Baltimore roots than others.

Tristan Wilds
From drug pushing to varsity lacrosse — why, that’s almost as far apart as B-more and B. Hills.

Jamie Hector
Steely and calm, he continues to conjure a shivery villain. But instead of crack, he now wields superpowers.

Clarke Peters
Life on Mars
No wiretaps (yet), but Peters still can’t put down his badge, as he mentors another young cop.

Amy Ryan
The Office
Crushing on a dorky boss is nothing like marrying a drunk cop — but she still has lousy taste in men.

Lance Reddick
Whether tracking freaky science experiments or crooks, Reddick is all lawman, and all furrowed brow.

Andre Royo
Was: sweet addict Bubbles. Is: baddie who whips up black holes. Like going from Fredo to Vito.

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