Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on Paul Newman, ''Beverly Hills Chihuahua,'' and Jimmy Kimmel

By EW Staff
Updated October 17, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT

Blue-Eyed Soul
I appreciated your tribute to Paul Newman. After I saw him in Hud at age 18, I resolved to watch every movie of his I could find. My friends joked that I was in love with an 80-year-old, and I played along. But when I saw your cover, I cried like a baby.
Kelli Sawyer
Westminster, Colo.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you want to live your life. Newman was as beautiful inside as he was outside: a true movie star, a true humanitarian, and, if I may be so bold, one hell of a hunk. He’ll be missed.
Rebecca Braver-Nahorodny
New River, Ariz.

I have shed tears over a celebrity’s passing only twice. First for Steve McQueen, and now for Paul Newman. It’s sad to see my boyhood heroes taking leave of us much too soon.
David Szymanski
Sterling Heights, Mich.

Sparks (Self-)Plug
Literary cream puff Nicholas Sparks mentions himself practically in the same breath as Toni Morrison, Shakespeare, and Hemingway, and he’s not joking (”True Believer”)? Indeed, the apocalypse is upon us.
John Jeffire
Clinton Township, Mich.

Underappreciated ‘Folk’ Art
Your Bullseye comment ”With new Desperate Housewives gig, Gale Harold successfully atones for Queer as Folk” is just wrong (News & Notes). Even if you didn’t like Folk, Harold still did a fabulous job. His character was someone we loved, hated, and couldn’t stop watching. He’s the only reason I’m tuning in to a show like Housewives.
Debi Hutchins
Canton, Maine

Bullseye responds: I took no issue with Gale Harold’s portrayal of a gay man on Queer as Folk. He’s a good actor. I just thought the show was ridiculously bad.

The Great Escape
I’m happy Prison Break got much-needed praise (The Pop of King). It’s absurdly entertaining, and full of suspense and inventive plots.
David Shugert
Broomfield, Colo.

Top Dog
How could you give Beverly Hills Chihuahua a D? I laughed and even cried. And before you think my funny bone is broken, these are some of the things I find funny: Howard Stern, Chris Rock, and Real Time With Bill Maher.
Sabrina Vick
Stanwood, Wash.

  • Heeeere’s Jimmy!
  • Thanks for showing Jimmy Kimmel a little love (”Jimmy Kimmel Deserves Some Respect…”). His show is the most electrifying hour on late-night TV. And unlike other hosts, he genuinely appears to be having fun.
  • Dan Duffy
  • El Segundo, Calif.

CORRECTIONS The Hollywood Insider (News & Notes, #1015) mistakenly reported that Kevin James’ recent ”Evening of Comedy” stand-up appearance included off-color jokes. James’ set contained only family-friendly material.

Due to a processing error by Billboard and Nielsen SoundScan, the music chart in #1016 had early sales information that was corrected after EW went to press. James Taylor’s Covers actually sold 95K copies, not 76K, and therefore debuted at No. 4, not No. 5.


The Godfather

. Harry Potter. M*A*S*H. There are some pop culture classics that everyone knows and loves, right? Apparently not. PopWatchers owned up to the watercooler conversations they couldn’t care less about joining.

Both the U.K. and American versions. For a pop culture junkie, that’s odd, but I don’t want to sully my rep for oddness. — Kerry

I have never heard a Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin song (not even ”Stairway to Heaven”). I like that I’m so deprived. — tad

I refuse to read any of the books or see the movie because of all the Edward Cullen ”flair” people make on Facebook. — Kerri

I just learned that ”I’ll Be There for You” was the theme song to the show. My friends were disgusted with me. — Emily