Ten days after the Foo Fighters issued a statement

protesting the McCain/Palin campaign's use of their song "My Hero" at

rallies, Dave Grohl still has politics on his mind. At a private performance on Thursday night, it seemed

singer Dave Grohl came close to dedicating "Everlong," one of the

band's most beloved hits, to…Republicans? Could it be?

Playing for several hundred videogame enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the much anticipated launch of the post-apocalyptic Fallout 3,

the Foo frontman kicked off the evening with a disclaimer, telling the

crowd, "I don't work here, so I'm not afraid of what the f— I'm gonna

do tonight." So after praising the open bar at the downtown Los Angeles gig several times, and a

short rant about office life (something Grohl never experienced, he

explained, barring a stint at Scotch-Guarding furniture), the band's

resident funny-man toasted gamers everywhere.

"I'm proud

of you guys," he said. "You're living the American dream. You get to


free booze and play f—-n' video games. Who knows, maybe someday you

can be vice president!" While readying his guitar for the song

"Everlong," Grohl segued from the V.P. reference into a near-dedication: "Speaking of that, I'm gonna dedicate

this one to all the…" And then flinched. "Never mind." Whoa. To all the…Republicans? Several people in attendance certainly wondered if that was what the singer was thisclose to doing. Tongue-in-cheek perhaps?

We should point out that there were several fully executed dedications handed out during

the Foos' nearly 90-minute set. Grohl gave one to drummer Taylor Hawkins after a momentous solo and before the song

"Skin and Bones." He also dedicated the band's 1999 hit "Stacked Actors," widely believed to be about Courtney Love, to Jane's

Addiction frontman Perry Farrell (which is interesting in and of itself).

But as the crowd exited the event, there remained a question about who "Everlong" was going out to. And why did Grohl get cold feet?  After the show, he headed off the stage and straight into his Smart car so we may never know, but any and all theories are welcome…

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