By Marc Bernardin
Updated October 16, 2008 at 09:32 PM EDT

Quick question: Why isn’t NBC taking a page from Bravo’s playbook and rerunning The West Wing? Wouldn’t you think that in a time when we the people are consumed by the internecine workings of a presidential election, when America is mindful of both the issues that face our country and the people who make those decisions, when we’re on the verge of having a real Commander in Chief who feels like a kindred spirit to the fictional Jed Bartlet—and if you haven’t read Aaron Sorkin’s imagined meeting between Barack Obama and Bartlet, do so now—wouldn’t now be a perfect time for NBC to dip into their library and remind people how good that show was (and maybe prompt some people to pick up the DVDs)? Because, lest we forget, those first four seasons when Sorkin was running the show were among the best seasons of television ever.

I’m not suggesting that NBC shelve any of their current lineup in favor of reruns of a nine-year-old show, but why not give us West Wing Saturdays from here until the election?I can’t be the only one who wants to watch more of this: