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There’s been a fair amount of blogchatter (some of it right here on PopWatch) about whether or not Bravo is trying to sabotage this season of Project Runway after losing the show to Lifetime. (NBC Universal, which owns Bravo, recently won an injunction that may prevent the show from moving). There was the lack of buildup buzz, the uninspired challenges, the mediocre talent level. But today brings another blow that adds even more weight to the theory that Bravo is throwing its onetime star show under the train: The finale is up against the Presidential debate.

We know, we know. The show had this time slot long before the debates were scheduled. But why is Part 2 of the finale coming right after Part 1? Where’s our reunion episode filled with laughs, tears, and gratuitous Kenley bashing?

A colleague of mine raised the point that much of PR‘s core fan base cares a lot more about wedge heels than wedge issues. But even so, the debates are bound to take a huge bite out of PR‘s live-viewing audience, leaving the show with record low numbers for its send-off from the channel that created it. (If only we could combine the two and have, say, Michael Kors moderate the debates while McCain and Obama try on the designers’ outfits. How can we know if our candidate can handle the American Empire until we see if he can handle an empire waist?)

Your turn, PopWatchers: Is this just a bad coincidence? Or is Bravo really sabotaging the show? And most importantly, which showdown will you watch tonight?

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