By Michael Ausiello
October 15, 2008 at 07:43 AM EDT

Question: Where’s the Mer-Der hotness this season on Grey’s Anatomy? The most we’ve gotten so far is a kiss on the cheek! What gives? — Dee
Maybe they need a third party to spice things up? If so, help is on the way! According to my Grey’s snitch, when Melissa George debuts as Seattle Grace’s latest bisexual intern on Nov 6., we’ll learn that she has a history with — holy lipstick lesbians! — Meredith. Needless to say, Derek is very anxious to find out the exact nature of their history (were they friends without benefits or with benefits?), and (presumably) whether or not it can be repeated. In front of him. Repeatedly.

Question: Alex and Izzie spoilers, please! I’ve loved them forever! — Claire
Then something tells me you’re going to fall head over heels for next Thursday’s episode, which may feature a big Alex-Izzie smooch. And by may I mean definitely will.

Question: Got any gossip about Gossip? — Rachel
Jessica Szohr let it slip to that “there’s a funeral” coming up, and girlfriend wasn’t kidding. My Gossip mole confirms that a major character will be whacked during November sweeps. My mole also confirms that the victim will be kinda-sorta ID’d in the new EW, on sale Friday.

Question: What the frak! Is Battlestar Galactica ever returning? — Ken
Good news: A Sci Fi source confirms to me exclusively that the last half of season 4 premieres on Friday, Jan. 16, at 10 p.m. Which, by my calculations, puts the series finale (boo-hoo!) at Friday, March 20. Viewing party at Tim Stack’s place, and you’re all invited!

Question: Could you give me some more scoop on Prison Break? — Zak
Okay, twist my arm, why don’t ya? At Monday’s Max Payne premiere, Prison Breaker Amaury Nolasco (a.k.a. Sucre) teased: “Somebody gets killed in episode No. 9…one of us from the group…a regular. And Michael takes it pretty hard, because he’s Michael.” Of course he does. While the actor called talk that this season will be the show’s last “just word of mouth at this point,” he conceded, “I think it could be a good place to stop.” Added Robert Knepper (a.k.a. T-Bag): “They have planned out a great way to wrap up all this business with the Company.”

Question: Loved that Prison Break had Sucre pose as a gay dude. But they kind of left it open just how far he went with that guy’s wife. What’s the scoop!? — Roger
Maybe you heard, but we recently spoke with Amaury Nolasco and asked him exactly that. “I think Sucre seriously would have [pooped] his pants thinking he was going up to that guy’s room to party,” he said. “But I loved the twist that the guy’s wife was up there. I don’t know what the writers think happened, but I like to think that he stayed faithful to Maricruz. She is the only reason he broke out of prison — or went to prison, really. Why would he throw it away for only $1,000? I saw Indecent Proposal. That didn’t even work out for $1 million!”

Question: Seriously, I’m going crazy here. Are you really so horrible at your job that you can’t come up with any Bones scoop, or have you just decided you hate Bones? Fifty trillion weeks and no Bones scoop? It’s unbearable! — Isabella
Actually, it’s only been 49 billion, 398 million weeks. But now that I know somebody wants Bones scoop, get this: The show is casting a sexy female FBI agent whose temperature rises when she interrogates Booth. Something tells me neither Brennan nor you are gonna like reading that.

Question: There has been much debate among Supernatural fans over whether or not Sam and Ruby are sleeping together. Any chance you could clear this up for us? Thanks! Keep up the good work! — Rebecca
I can’t, but maybe exec producer Eric Kripke can. Let’s ask him, shall we? Eric, are Sam and Ruby doing the deed? “No comment.” Curses, foiled again! (BTW, check out this week’s episode of Ausiello TV for an exclusive first look at the cheeky trailer for tomorrow’s black and white episode!)

Question: More Brothers & Sisters scoop, please! How goes the Justin and Rebecca story line? Are they gathering more support? Do you think the writers are still on board? Love their scenes, but can’t help but worry about their future. — Hannah
Wow, that’s a lotta questions. I oughta charge by the question mark. Or, you know, charge at all. Anyway, a reliable source over at B&S assures me that Justin and Rebecca are still going strong through the end of the season. Meanwhile, I’ve got some more deets about Saul’s new love interest. He’s going to be a real keeper — handsome, classy, and down-to-earth. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Saul’s going to keep him: The newb’s arc is only expected to last three episodes.

Question: Loving Fringe. What you got for me? — Claire
I got skeletons — lots and lots of skeletons, and they all seem to be tumbling out of Peter’s (Joshua Jackson) closet. In fact, even as I type this, the show is casting two people from his past — one, a knockout thirtysomething female who’ll warn him that folks are after him; the other, a thirtysomething tough guy who is, in fact, after him. Both characters, plus a third — a fiftysomething pudge with a killer’s eyes — could go recurring.

Question: Anything new on Chuck? — Laura
First off, next Monday’s Nicole Richie ep is kick-ass — both figuratively and literally. The fight scene between Yvonne Strahovski and Paris’ old pal is Bionic Woman-pilot-level cool. And here’s a bonus scooplet for ya: The show is casting a John Mayer type to play a British rocker whose life Chuck is charged with saving.

Question: There is news going around that all the cast of One Tree Hill have renewed their contracts for one more season except Chad Michael Murray. How much truth is there to this? — Katie
Well, if it’s true, it looks like the producers are doing everything in their power to get him to stay — including giving him some behind-the-scenes pull. Not only is he directing an episode to air in the spring, but he wrote the episode currently in production — an homage to films of the ’40s. (I smell an Emmy!) In other Tree Hill news, Dawson’s coming to town! Lynette Rice has all the exclusive deets right here.

Question: Got any Ugly Betty scoop? — Dusty
Mode magazine has gone online! Not exciting enough? Let’s see….The only other thing I have is…OMG Betty and Amanda are going to become roommates! My prayers have been answered!

Question: Your Desperate Housewives tease in this week’s ATV is driving me nuts. Can you please give us one more hint about which surprising duo will be hooking up? — Donna
Nope. Sorry. The only hint you’ll get is the one that’s included at the end of the ATV episode. Granted, it’s not so much a hint as it is, well, the actual answer!

Question: You never talk about Monk. And it makes me angry. — Theo
You think you’re angry? Imagine finding out that the half brother you never knew existed just escaped from prison and is the prime suspect in a murder. Now that’s something to get pissed off about. (Ironically, it’s also something that happens to Monk next season.)

Question: Do you have any scoop on the final episodes of The Shield? This season has been so amazing, and I just can’t wait to see what happens to the strike team. — Chris
You and me both. Only diff is I know what’s happening next since I spent much of last weekend watching the entire final season, save for the last two episodes. And all I have to say is…wow. Just when I thought Shawn Ryan and Co. couldn’t top the Forest Whitaker-centric fifth season, they go and deliver what will likely go down as one of the most arresting and satisfying drama series endgames in TV history. Yes, even better than The Sopranos. Some highlights from the next two eps: A woman from Vic’s past resurfaces; Dutch makes a shocking discovery at Claudette’s house; an original character makes what I assume is his/her final appearance; one member of the strike team hires a hitman to murder another; and Vic and Shane’s spouses, played by Cathy Cahlin Ryan and Michelle Hicks respectively, will finally get their moment to shine. And shine they will. So bright even Emmy will be hard-pressed to ignore them.

Question: Here’s a thought: How about some My Name Is Earl scoop? — David
Here’s a thought: Okay! Jason Priestley has been cast as Earl’s good-looking, super-successful cousin. His airdate is TBD, but it’s looking like November.

Question: I loved this season’s first two Friday Night Lights episodes, but will the Landry-Tyra breakup be explained? — Natasha
I’ve seen up through tonight’s episode and, so far, no explanation. Speaking of tonight’s eppy, Coach and Tami have a huge argument, and it’s all Janine Turner’s fault. Elsewhere, Lyla is going to rue the day she ever laid eyes on a little fish named Nemo.

Question: You are the coolest! What are the five (or more) TV programs that you most look forward to watching every week? — Mark
It fluctuates, but right now my top five consist of (in no particular order) The Shield, Chuck, Gossip Girl, Mad Men, and Tabitha’s Salon Takeover.

Question: Loved last night’s Eli Stone premiere. Please tell me the show is going to be around for a while. — Theresa
This bit of news certainly bodes well.

Question: Remember Roger Bart’s creepy character George Williams on Desperate Housewives? Well, Neal McDonough’s equally creepy Dave Williams wouldn’t happen to be his brother, would he? If so, maybe the one he’s out to get is Bree! — Antonio
Interesting theory. Very interesting theory.

Question: My prediction is that Edie’s new husband (played Neal McDonough) on Housewives is the widower of the woman and child that Susan killed in the car accident, which means he’s there to get revenge on Susan. Am I close? — Sara
Interesting theory. Very interesting theory.

Question: Do we really have to wait until January for new Scrubs? — Chris
Actually, I hear ABC may put it on much sooner, which makes me both happy (yay, funny show returns!) and a little terrified (it better not air on Wednesdays at 8!).

Question: Is Shannen Doherty’s 90210 deal done? — Andrea
Yep. She’s booked for this season’s 11th and 12th episodes. Gabrielle Carteris, meanwhile, is in talks to appear in episodes 0, 00, and 000.

Question: Seriously, enough already with the Thirteen-Foreman, House-Cuddy scoops. We get it. Can we please get back to dishing about the upcoming return of the sorely ignored Chase-Cameron romance? We need some new scoop to hold us over until their episode finally airs! By the way, confusion abounds — when exactly does their episode air? — Mae
Okay, I checked with Fox and here’s how the next batch of episodes is shaking down:
Episode 5 (Oct. 21): Thirteen’s girl-on-girl smooch. Foreteen is born.
Episode 6 (Oct. 28): Huddy kiss.
Episode 7: (Nov. TBD):The Chase-Cameron Show”
Episode 8: (Nov. TBD): I think this is the episode where Foreman approaches House about starting a clinical trial for Huntington’s disease, but don’t hold me to that.
Episode 9: (Nov. TBD): Hostage crisis starring dude from Damages.

Question: Loving Michael Weston on House. What’s the latest on his possible spin-off? — Josh
It’s officially…not happening. A Fox insider confirms that the potential offshoot has been scrapped. In its place, the network is said to be developing an hour-long House companion that revolves around Thirteen’s soon-to-be-introduced brother, a lawyer by the name of Eleven. (I’m here all week!)   

That’s a wrap! Send questions/hot tips/Pushing Daisies prayers to See you back here next week! (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick and Carrie Bell)

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