By Amy Ryan
Updated December 19, 2019 at 11:58 PM EST

Amy Sedaris fans, rejoice: she’s getting a new sitcom. We don’t yet know what it’s called or what it’s about or where on the TV dial it will end up, but she’ll create, write, and star in the show, with assists from Paul Dinello (her writing/directing partner on Strangers With Candy and Exit 57) and David Letterman (who’ll produce, as he did the Candy movie). The Hollywood Reporter article announcing the deal doesn’t elicit much info from the funny lady as to what the premise of her show will be — only that it’s an idea she came up with six years ago that she now feels it’s the right time to do, that she’ll be ad libbing occasionally, and that she’s shopping the show to networks but hopes it will end up on cable. Does that mean that the idea is something suddenly topical, or that there’ll be Curb Your Enthusiasm-style improv, or that the content is probably too risque for broadcast TV? Well, we can only hope — and speculate. Sedaris also hints that the idea isn’t fully fleshed out yet, so maybe she’s open to your suggestions. Tell us below what you’d like to see happen in a Sedaris sitcom.

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