ABC has issued an early verdict on Eli Stone.

The ratings for tonight’s Eli premiere won’t be available until morning, but the network has already taken the unusual step of ordering four additional scripts of the sophomore legal dramedy.

“It’s an incredible vote of confidence,” gushes executive producer Marc Guggenheim. “I had told [ABC] that in order to keep production rolling [beyond Eli‘s initial 13-episode order], I would need to know by Wednesday [if they wanted more]. I figured at the very least that would give them a day’s worth of ratings to analyze. And they were like, ‘Nope, we’ll just order them now.'”

In other words, ABC is very happy with how the episodes are turning out, beginning with tonight’s season premiere. Speaking of which, did you watch? Was it everything you hoped for and more? Comforted by the faith ABC is showing in Eli? Comment away!