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Welcome to this week’s edition of EW’s New Music Roundup,a regular post highlighting the “Download This” track recommendationsfrom the latest crop of music reviews found in Entertainment Weekly.All songs are from albums that are in stores now, and most are readilyavailable via iTunes, eMusic, or similar services. Enjoy — and be sure to share with your fellow readers if you’ve got opinions on any of the following albums or singles…

Keane, Perfect Symmetry
Genre: Rock
EW Grade: B+
Download This: “Spiralling”
(Check out Keane online)

Lucinda Williams, Little Honey
Genre: Country/Rock
EW Grade: B–
Download This: “If Wishes Were Horses”
(Check out Lucinda Williams online)

Jon McLaughlin, OK NOW
Genre: Pop
EW Grade: B+
Download This: “You Can Never Go Back”
(Check out Jon McLaughlin online)

Ingrid Michaelson, Be OK
Genre: Pop
EW Grade: B–
Download This: “Over the Rainbow”
(Check out Ingrid Michaelson online)

Annuals, Such Fun
Genre: Rock
EW Grade: B
Download This: “Hot Hound Nights”
(Check out Annuals online)

The Streets, everything is borrowed
Genre: Rap
EW Grade: A–
Download This: “On the Edge of a Cliff”
(Check out The Streets online)

Nikka Costa, Pebble to a Pearl
Genre: Soul
EW Grade: B–
Download This: “Cry Baby”
(Check out Nikka Costa online)

Ray LaMontagne, Gossip in the Grain
Genre: Folk
EW Grade: B–
Download This: “Meg White”
(Check out Ray LaMontagne online)

of Montreal, Skeletal Lamping
Genre: Indie Rock
EW Grade: B
Download This: “An Eluardian Instance”
(Check out of Montreal online)

  • Staff Web Pick of the Week:
  • The Fireman, “Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight”
  • Back in the 90s, Paul McCartney and producer Youth made a pair of electronic albums under this alias. Now they’re back with a barn-burner of a single that leaves all that ambient experimentation behind. How cool is it to hear Macca getting all “Helter Skelter” with the electric guitar riffs again?
  • (Download it free at ATO Records’ site)

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