Another long-forgotten pop/R&B diva is celebrating a birthday today (her 43rd, to be exact), so what we’re gonna do is go back — way back — to 1988, for a lesson in wearing all your hair to one side, rocking big heart-shaped hoops, and breaking it on down, “running man”-style. (Go on girl! Drop it like it’s lukewarm! And easy on those ankle boots…you look a tad unsteady!) Bonus points for totally random use of a shawl, Team Chair Dance, and a staircase to nowhere. And here are some questions to ponder as you watch the “Secret Rendezvous” video: With a budget this low, do you think that’s real champagne being spilled during Karyn’s intimate, candlelight dinner with her rendezvous partner? Why does the chair abruptly fall over at the 2:22 mark? And what’s with the jank wink at the 3:45 mark?

(Yeah, okay, it’s still totally my jam.)