Credit: Remington Steele:Everett Collection; Alf: Everett Collection

I’ve only recently stumbled onto FanFiction.Net. (Don’t ask.) I’ve never written fan fiction, but I’ve discovered that I’m not above reading it: If you’ve got an idea for how Booth and Brennan should finally get together on Bones and it’s rated M, count me in.

While some of the hundreds of series represented on the site make perfect sense to me (Buffy the Vampire Slayer had 33,396 stories at last count), others made me do a double-take: 1,122 for Scarecrow and Mrs. King; 158 for The Nanny; 153 for Caroline in the City; 122 for Remington Steele (left); 12 for ALF (right); 3 for Punky Brewster; and 1 for My Two Dads. Really?

So, here’s what I want to know: Have you ever written fan fiction? Answer in the convenient poll below. If so, for which show(s)? (Reveal all in the comments section.) If you don’t write it, but you read it, tell us why.

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