Coldplay, Alicia Keys, ...
Credit: Coldplay: Stephan Craneanscki; Brown: Mark Mann

Today at the Beverly Hills Hotel, pop singer Jesse McCartney and funnyman Jimmy Kimmel revealed the nominees for the 36th annual American Music Awards. Herewith, are the top five contenders who scored the most nods:

This year’s ceremony will be held at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles on Nov. 23, with Kimmel returning as host for his fifth straight year. The show will be telecast “live” as a three-hour prime-time special on ABC, featuring performances by the Jonas Brothers, Pink, and New Kids on the Block, among others.

OK. Let’s keep it real: What’s the deal with this show? Jesse McCartney? The Eagles? Is it just me or are the AMAs a bit out of touch? Where’s Britney, Mariah, Beyoncé, Rihanna, or Katy Perry? Don’t get me wrong, I heart Alicia Keys’ As I Am, but that CD is so last year (it literally dropped in Nov. 2007). Plus, we’ve already seen the JBs and Pink perform at the VMAs. And in terms of credibility, don’t the Grammys hold more weight? When was the last time you heard someone brag about winning an American Music Award? On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the most prestigious/relevant, how would you rate the AMAs?