Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, ...

Who needs huge sweaty guys and muddy fields when you can watch Teri

Hatcher tackle Eva Longoria onto an impeccably landscaped suburban lawn? For the third week running (rushing?), ABC’s Desperate Housewives beat out NBC’s Sunday Night Football, this time by 900,000 viewers in the 9 p.m. hour, according to preliminary ratings data. Football‘s match between the New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers averaged 13.4 millions viewers from 8-11 p.m., while Fox’s Game 3 of baseball’s National League Championship Series drew in 8.6 million from 8-10 p.m.

Despite its big win over football, Desperate Housewives and its 10 p.m. followup, Brothers & Sisters, both lost viewers for the second consecutive week. Housewives dipped from 15.5 million viewers to 15.3 million, while B&S dipped from 12.3 million to 10.1 million (down 18 percent).

Over at CBS, after a big ratings spike last week for The Amazing Race 13 (its second episode reached 13.4 million viewers, compared to 10.3 for the season premiere), it averaged only 9.2 million last night. CBS’s The Unit (9.1 million) lost 1.5 million viewers from last week, but Cold Case increased to a 10.9 million average compared to last week’s 10.7 million.

As for The CW’s freshman series, Valentine averaged 1 million viewers (last week: 1.1), while Easy Money lost 35 percent of last week’s 1.1 million viewership, drawing in only 752,500 pairs of eyes.

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