Leapin’ lizards! I always figured a remake of V, the classic sci-fi miniseries that aired on NBC in the mid-’80s, was inevitable. But I always imagined it would be original producer Kenneth Johnson, who’s been developing a TV sequel for at least five years (his novel V: The Second Generation, was published in February), who would get this saucer off the ground. As it turns out, he’s not involved in this project, but I’m cautiously optimistic because, according to Variety, the showrunner on the ABC update is Scott Peters, of The 4400, Burn Notice, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fame. Like the original (whose stars included Jane Badler, pictured), this one will be a cautionary allegory, only instead of metaphorically addressing the Holocaust and fascism, it’ll go 21st Century and address the War on Terror. Naturally, there will be a videogame as well.

Let your fellow PopWatchers know below if you think the new V looks like a good idea, or an interplanetary catastrophe waiting to happen.

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