Ugly Betty | ''Oh I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over your loud shirt.'' —Betty lashing out at Marc (Urie) for his constant insults, episode 3

Last night, Ugly Betty took rather strange turn into murder mystery territory,with Betty (America Ferrera) interrogating most of the Mode staff aboutwhere they were when Christina (Ashley Jensen) was pushed down thestairs at the end of the previous episode. That’s a new one — Betty solving crimes! The whole conceit made for a rather sombernight in terms of sound bites. The second half of the episode was soheavy — with Alexis (Rebecca Romijn) being carted off to jail for thecrime — that it yielded nary a good line. But never fear! I scrapedtogether the best quips of the evening and have them here for yourenjoyment, and naturally, Willy (Vanessa Williams) again delivered. Take a look at the video below for the best three– one eachfrom Willy, Claire (Judith Light), and Amanda (BeckiNewton) — and then vote for your favorite in our poll. All the rest ofthe best bites are after the jump.

“Well, of course I’m worried, Marc. But when someone gives you chintz, you can do two things: A) whine about the fact that it’s an upholstery fabric, or B) turn it into a fabulous bolero jacket.” — Wilhelmina, reducing the tragic situation with Christina to a simple fabric metaphor

“I did it. And now you have to interrogate me for, like, hours and hours. And I do not break easy. I am totally easy.” — Amanda, flirting with the very cute Detective Averaimo (Mark Consuelos) when he arrives to question the Mode staff about Christina’s attempted murder

“Speaking of which, I’ve been watching a lot of cop shows lately, and that Mariska Hargitay wears some amazing pants suits. I’m just trying to keep things upbeat.” — Justin (Mark Indelicato), injecting his own brand of humor into a rather somber conversation between Betty and Ignacio (Tony Plana)

“Well, before you talk to Daniel, could you at least handcuff me?” — Amanda, continuing her desperate flirtation with Detective Averaimo

“I do. Look, don’t judge me, okay? Not that you ever really could in [gestures up and down Betty’s outfit]… that.” — Amanda, taking Betty down a notch

“Seriously, I don’t know why you’re making such a big deal out of this. Is it a crime to purchase things you can’t pay for? No.” — Amanda, during a conversation with an Indian call center about her 15 maxed-out credit cards

“I peered around the corner, but it wasn’t a woman. Well, it was Marc.” — Amanda

“God, you people jump to conclusions. And you… you think someone with your skin tone would be a little more sensitive to prejudice.” — Marc (Michael Urie), taking Betty down a notch

“You might think I lick Willy’s boots because I like it — and I do, a little, they’re fancy — but there’s a reason I put myself through it. You’re not the only who wants to get ahead in the magazine world. I have dreams too.” — Marc, simultaneously being funny and serious about his role in Willy’s world

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Ugly Betty | ''Oh I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over your loud shirt.'' —Betty lashing out at Marc (Urie) for his constant insults, episode 3
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