I guess it’s a good thing I know more about vampires than technology, because it took the Army Corps of Engineers a tech-savvy friend and much nail-biting to figure out how to install the $%#& Twilight widget so I could watch the damn thing. By the time I got it to work, the trailer was already on YouTube. But! Check it out, and my initial impression, below:

1. The kiss between Bella and Edward — not a bad one. Almost hot, actually. Based on the film’s poster, I was afraid they’d have zilch chemistry. Happy to see I might be wrong.

2. Is it just me, or does Robert Pattinson’s American accent make him sound a little like a young Marlon Brando? Bella: “You’ve gotta give me some answers!” Edward: “I’d radda hear your tearies.” And a little further in, “My famlee, we’re different from udders of our kind.” A Godfadder in the making.

3. I wish I could’ve seen more than a split second of Alice and the rest of the Cullens, and met Jacob too.

4. That’s a cool trick Edward pulls with the apple. In fact, all the action seems pretty cool, though the dialogue could definitely use a little, uh, juice.

Over to you, PopWatchers: What do you think of the trailer? Are you tons more excited for the movie now that you’ve seen it? Or are you wishing it were the dusk of the Twilight empire already? Sound off below (but please keep it civil)!

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