First things first: Let’s get the title out of the way. The half-hour comedy that premiered on FX last night after It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is called Testees. Yes, it’s pronounced just as you suspect, but it’s about two guys who make a living being medical test subjects — get it? Testees!

And that’s where the cleverness ends. FX seems to have taken the misanthropic — and deserved — success of It’s Always Sunny as license to slap together this penis-obsessed shock-com from “South Park writer” Kenny Hotz. (Never mind that Hotz is listed on IMDB as having only written three episodes of that show….) And so, last night, we met two guys (Steve Markle and Jeff Kassel) returning to TestiCal, the medical test facility they frequent, for yet another experiment. This time, it involved having some sort of pill inserted into their anuses. Cut to: One of the guys looking pregnant, bemoaning his swollen feet, and squeezing out some breast milk to prove it. But that’s child’s play compared to what came next. The centerpiece of the episode — the moment that literally made me cover my eyes and go, “Oh, no! No!” — was the attempted wire-hanger butt abortion.

As Valerie Cherish would no doubt say, “I don’t need to see that!” It’s not that I was offended; if something’s funny, I don’t care how outrageously tasteless the scenario. But this was simply nauseating. And I didn’t even mention the B-storyline…

What do you think? Was Testees the sitcom equivalent of medical waste? Or did it live up to the promise of its name?

addCredit(“Ben Mark Holzberg/FX”)