We rate pop culture for the week of September 29, 2008 including Rosie O'Donnell, Misty May, Larry Charles' beard, and more

· Rosie returns to TV in NBC variety show. Coincidentally, Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s left eye has started twitching uncontrollably
· Free to Be…You and Me turns 35. To celebrate, Bullseye wants a doll
· Nick & Norah‘s gum-in-toilet scene: laugh-and barf-inducing in equal measure

Near Misses
· Best uncredited guest star in Larry Charles’ Religulous: his beard
· The sudden compulsion to watch CNBC, a network we’ve ignored for years
· Just so we’re clear: Misty May-Treanor won two Olympic gold medals, but Dancing With the Stars broke her.

· Ashlee Simpson throws a ”white-trash” birthday party, which is only slightly more offensive than her last album.
· Entourage gets yet another season. Even Johnny Drama wouldn’t want anything to do with it at this point.
· Alvin leaves the Chipmunks. No big loss: Everyone knows Theodore is the secret star.