Ah…unscripted reality. You just can’t write this stuff. I think the idea of having them rank themselves in order of importance was one of more inspired “switch” ideas of late. You can thank Dan Munday for that one. Been with our show since season two and he’s brilliant. They simply didn’t see the switch coming and as you know that pleases me to no end when we pull one over on them.

Dumbest move: What blew me away was the fact that Bob was picked so late in the process. Somebody is gonna pay for that one. Trust me, had you been standing in my shoes you would have been just as shocked. Bob is a worker and a competitor. To leave him up there that long tells me these guys are vulnerable for a smart player to wreak havoc on this game. That was a mistake. They’re under estimating him and that means they’re not paying attention.

Best move: Kenny choosing Kelly. Kenny is playing to WIN. He’s taking chances. Kelly seemed like a ridiculous choice and Kenny played it as such saying he chose her because “she’s hot.” Lie. He chose her because he sensed a lost puppy in need of a home and he believed he could use her vote to further his own game. Video gamers all over the world must be loving skinny little Kenny with the creepy long fingernails. Another one to watch out for down the stretch.

Favorite move: Ace ended up on one of the worst tribes ever – Fang. It’s perfect. I can’t wait to hear him wax on about all the problems on this tribe.

Corrine is growing on me. Just sayin.

Ah, Matty swearing on his girlfriend. Will this come back to bite him in the butt? Not sure I’d trust Ace. Check that, I’m sure I wouldn’t trust Ace. I don’t think Ace trusts Ace. Matty is vulnerable. He plays this game too honestly to have much of a shot at winning.

The immunity challenge: I’m so done with Fang right now. It had to suck major big time to have Randy dominate them the way he did. Ace got used, but in his defense, Ace had absolutely no help from anybody. I don’t think Crystal ever moved from her corner. It’s amazing to watch. No matter who goes over to the Fang tribe, they suddenly suck.

When it came time for tribal council, Jacquie was simply a victim of bad luck. She had all her eggs in one basket with Marcus and thanks to Dan Munday, her game was shot. Again, just being candid, as nice as Jacquie is (and she is extremely pleasant) she didn’t bring as much to the show from a character point of view….Why is it the attractive blonde women on our show are often the least interesting in reality? Jacquie was all about winning and she would have had a very good shot had she lasted a bit longer but we also need to entertain the audience and that wasn’t Jacquie’s strong suit. So, if you have to lose someone, I guess Jacquie isn’t a bad person to lose. Just being honest, better her than Randy or Ace. Add Jacquie to the list of people who will not want to talk to me at the live show.

Okay. That’s all I have. For all you critics just remember, you don’t pay anything for these blogs. I’m not a magazine writer. I’m just a simple little reality host trying to make his way in the world. Dalton asked me to write these blogs, “without thinking.” Those were his exact words. He wanted an unedited account of what I remember about the episode. So, that’s what you’re getting. I’m not going back and rewriting or even checking the spelling. This is a blog and this one is finished. See ya next week!

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