Grading TV bosses -- Measuring small screen honchos on a scale from Michael Scott to Monty Burns

Grading TV bosses

Many TV characters have come back to work to find brutal bosses. We grade the supervisors on a scale of The Office‘s Michael Scott (harmless but annoying) to The Simpsons‘ Monty Burns (evil and annoying).

Michael Scott
The Office
Harmless but annoying.

Captain Tidwell
Donal Logue (Life)
More uncouth than evil, he hits on Detective Reese (Sarah Shahi) and is befuddled by Crews’ (Damian Lewis) Zen thing.

Leon Vance
Rocky Carroll (NCIS)
Director Vance is all bark, backtracking on busting up Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) team and letting the underling run the show.

Michelle Hurd (Gossip Girl)
Barely seen last season, Laurel is now front and center, making Jenny (Taylor Momsen) feel like the fashion peon she is.

Clark Medina
Steven Weber (Without a Trace)
So far, Medina’s threats to fire Jack (Anthony LaPaglia) have been idle, but he’s certainly manipulative…and menacing.

Holly Harper
Patricia Wettig (Brothers & Sisters)
As new head of the family biz, the ex-mistress plays such a vicious game of divide-and-conquer that her own kid hates her.

Mr. Burns
The Simpsons
Evil and annoying.