Kenny G, Dirty Sexy Money

So I’m catching up on my Dirty Sexy Money last night, and I almost did a spit-take when Kenny G (pictured) cameo’d to play a funeral. When I recovered, I phoned my friend Sheila to ask (a) if “the song(s) you want played at your funeral” is too morbid a subject to blog about (she said no, then launched into that “Tell Laura I Love Her” scene from High Fidelity) and (b) what her song(s) would be. She said when she was a rebellious teen, she wanted Elvis Costello’s “God’s Comic”, but now that she’s mature, she’s leaning toward Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World.” (“Everybody knows I love them, and of their songs, I feel it’s the most appropriate.”)

I know one of my songs will be Sam Cooke’s “You Send Me.” In 2005, when I wrote its entry for EW’s list of the 25 greatest love songs, I said, “If heaven exists, this song is playing there.” So it’s both a sweet inside joke that no one will get, but it makes me smile and a subtle tribute to that side of my personality that I like to refer to as “excitable.”

What’s on your playlist?

Dirty Sexy Money
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