This week, our blog was a virtual pop culture grab bag of delicious music, movie, and TV treats to entice even the pickiest of PopWatchers. Our thoughts on the brand spanking new Beyoncé? We got it. Offensive commercials? Oh yeah, that too. Twilight news?!?!?! Come on, now. That’s a silly question. Here’s your weekly recap of the top ten most commented on stories of the past seven days brought to you by you, our typehappy PopWatchers!

10. Michael Cera made us feel young again!

9. We wondered just how much Johnny Depp is worth.

8. I totally lived the 90210 storyline with the fake baby project for health class in high school!

7. The Real Housewives of Atlanta officially became our new TV obsession.

6. Mandi Bierly made my Gender & Sexuality Studies Major heart sing with this post on how to talk happily ever after with young girls.

5. There were some mixed feelings about DirecTV’s new Poltergeist ads.

4. Beyoncé serenaded PW with her new single “If I Were a Boy.”

3. PopWatchers became the Academy and re-voted and “Recalled the Gold” with the 1998 Oscar for Best Picture.

2. Good news: the Twilight movie poster came out! Bad news: it sucked.

1. The only things that you guys loved this week MORE than Twilight news, was your mutual hatred for certain TV characters ruining your fave primetime lineups: Grey’s‘ Izzie Stevens (left)? Desperate housewife Susan (right)? Dan on Gossip Girl? The ENTIRE cast of Seinfeld? You guys are harsh. Maybe you should take this weekend to reconnect with your happier TV side… a cozy day of Hulu therapy perhaps?

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