Seven days ago, I asked the cosmos to grant me my wish of hearing a mash-up of the new singles from Kanye West and Radiohead (both artists are allowing fans to remix their master recordings). And lo, something like six hours later, somebody going by the name of DJ Earworm posted up a remix that met the criteria in the comments section. Since I am a blogger of my word, and I promised the first person who met my challenge a shout-out, here it is: Congrats to DJ Earworm, the first and only remixer to respond to my request, and good looks on the speed! Now, I’m not one to talk — you should hear (or rather, you shouldn’t hear) the fiasco that resulted when I attempted to meet my own challenge in GarageBand over the weekend — but I did notice that Earworm’s first attempt was a little rough. So I was pleased when he or she returned a few days later and posted a new, improved remix which integrated the two tracks much more smoothly. Hear DJ Earworm’s final submission here. Dope! This is something I could really see entering rotation in my iTunes. I don’t know much (or anything) about Earworm’s other work, but he or she’s got skills, don’t you think?

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