We’re only 27 days away from electing a new president, and eight away from the release of Oliver Stone’s W. And while on paper, I understand Lionsgate’s reasoning for choosing an October 17 release date — after all, the whole country is experiencing a case of presidential fever; why not capitalize on all the free publicity for a film about our current Commander in Chief? — if I’m being honest, I’d rather be subjected to a Beverly Hills ChihuahuaLakeview TerraceNights in Rodanthe triple-header (shudder) than shell out $12 to see W.

Seriously, the current race for the White House between Barack Obama and John McCain consumes enough of my time and emotional energy right now — I don’t think I’ve had a single meal or phone call with family or friends in the last month where the presidential race didn’t come up — so why exactly would I really want to go watch Josh Brolin, Richard Dreyfuss, and Elizabeth Banks (among others) hammily act out the roles of folks who are still (at least peripherally) in the public eye?

Reaction to the most recent W. trailer was mixed among my friends and EW colleagues — some can’t wait to see it, others share my decided lack of enthusiasm — and it got me wondering about what kind of voter turnout we can expect when the movie hits theaters next weekend. Check out the trailer then vote in our poll and let us know if W. (the movie, obvs) gets your vote.

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