It’s a crazy fantasy we’ve all had: you know, the one where your singing so impresses a rock star (who happens to be standing nearby) that he then invites you to perform with him in front of 20,000 screaming fans. Well, it actually happened to one Jessica Ketola of Edmonds, Washington. Ketola, a 37-year-old mother of four children and a church music director, works for Unitus, a non-profit organization dealing with global poverty that was a charitable partner on the recent Police tour. As such, she was invited to sing into the mic during the sound check before a July 12 concert. Okay, so you see where this is all going. Her swell version of “Every Breath You Take” (see clip below) got the attention of the band’s singer and bass player (some guy named Sting). Who, oh, only asked her to join them for a song during that night’s show (where he would introduce her as “my discovery”). “Sting brought me water,” she told a local paper, “How cool is that?” I say: good person, good rock star, good story. Anyone have a similar experience they’d like to share? Or wanna tell us which band or star they’ve regularly performed with in their dreams? [ From Kottke via girlhacker ]