Dirty Sexy Money, Blair Underwood

Look, I love Dirty Sexy Money about as much as any network drama right now, and I love Blair Underwood, so terrific on In Treatment and The New Adventures of Old Christine in the last year. And yet, in the case of Underwood’s role as enigmatic Russian entrepreneur Simon Elder on DSM, it’s a case of two great tastes that do not, in fact, taste great together.Nothing about Simon’s character makes sense. Not his motivations for playing a game of cat-and-catnip with Karen, a woman who could just as easily destroy him as give him the keys to destroy her family. Not his low-cut black shirt with the white embroidery and silver chains. (This is how a mogul dresses? Doubtful.) Even his driver’s single leather glove struck me as a little iffy last night. Seriously, after this many episodes, shouldn’t the audience have a little clarity about who this guy is, what his goals are, and whether or not he has any kind of real feelings for the most fabulous Darling (not to be confused with the “Darlingest Darling,” as Nola called Nick) of them all?

Still, while Simon continues to vex me, I have to say I adored last night’s Godfather-esque final shot: Nick entering a meeting with Tripp and trying to reassure a horrified Lisa, who ends up alone (and with a sinking feeling) in the hallway. Indeed, Tripp brought the menace last night, suggesting that Patrick use Ellen’s eulogy as a way to advance his political career (nice use of Kenny G!), getting his kids to turn on each other in hopes of being named Vice Chair of Darling Enterprises, and best of all delivering that corker of a kiss-off to the family defense attorney: “I don’t care how many shoddy heiresses you’ve returned from the gnawing jaws of justice to the safety of their infinity pools! You will not be defending my wife!” (The only zinger last night that made me howl harder was Jeremy’s interjection about the entertainment for Ellen’s service: “What about Elton John? He’ll play ‘Candle in the Wind’ for anyone!”)

Anyhow, what did you think of last night’s show? Is anyone else growing tired of Simon Elder? What about Nick taking Letitia’s case and the spot at Tripp’s right hand? And who’s in favor of Nick and Lisa getting pregnant in the midst of their marital turmoil?