Lots of sticky wickets in last night’s episode — which featured the murder of a hell-and-brimstone male televangelist turned post-op transsexual female pastor of a tiny congregation that welcomed all kinds — so where would we like to begin, Bones fans? The hour was rather lacking in any substantive Brennan-Booth ‘shipper moments (except perhaps finding out that while Booth would like Brennan better as a man, Brennan would probably find Booth too pretty as a woman), which leaves us with only the issues. Anyone got anything profound to say about sexual orientation or religion? What about boating accidents and/or the importance of swimming with a buddy? On our newly developed Zack Replacement Scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a brain in a jar and 10 being George Clooney, where would you put tonight’s random-fact-filled but ultimately disposable intern, Mr. Nigel “Vino Delectable” Murray? And how much longer can the Murphy Brown-style rotating employee schtick stay fun?