Sweetie, dahling, I think it’s a horrible idea to try to remake Absolutely Fabulous as an American, ready-for-primetime TV show. Haven’t we tried this before, with middling results? (Yes we have, a couple of times, notes the Variety article announcing Fox’s plans to Americanize AbFab. The closest we came was Cybill. Or maybe Laura Kightlinger’s hilarious The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman, but that was on cable, where no one saw it, unfortunately.) The problem is, no American broadcast network is likely to present us with the comic adventures of two drug-addled has-been fashionistas without trying to make them likable and sympathetic. Which will, in turn, ruin the comedy. The only hope here is that one of the producers here is Mitch Hurwitz, of Arrested Development fame. At least the guy behind Lucille Bluth knows a thing or two about how to make boozy aging harridans funny.

Can it actually be done? Could the Yank version of AbFab be another Office and not another Coupling? Vote in the attached poll, and share your feelings below. And then fetch Mummy her pills, won’t you, sweetie, dahling?