By Amy Ryan
Updated October 07, 2008 at 12:00 PM EDT

Could John McCain and David Letterman be just about ready to kiss and make up? That’s what the New York Post is reporting (albeit in a thinly sourced article that attributes the news of the purportedly imminent reconciliation only to “knowledgeable sources”). The scenario the Post spins out certainly sounds plausible: McCain would make his long-postponed visit to the Late Show around Oct. 15, when he’s in the neighborhood for the final presidential debate. If it’s true, it sounds like what I predicted here will come to pass. No doubt high-level secret negotiations are taking place even as we speak, with the one thorny diplomatic complication being how to come up with a face-saving way for McCain to apologize to Letterman for lying to him without looking like he’s knuckling under to the liberal media. (Any workable suggestions for how to accomplish this? Submit them below.) Once that wrinkle is ironed out, however, I’m sure the feud will end in a must-watch TV spectacle on the Late Show, after which Dave will go back to bashing everybody else in politics except McCain, at least until the election. So breathe easy, America, for at last, our long national nightmare may soon be over.

addCredit(“John Paul Filo/CBS”)