The theme of today’s blind item: “Hindsight is 20/20.”

When a certain series you’re likely enjoying was casting its lead, the studio suits knew exactly who they wanted. The network suits, on the other hand, knew exactly who they didn’t want. And — what a coincidence! — they were one and the same.

Since the performer in question was just coming off a failed show, the network brass felt that this individual was a star with no star power. But the studio stood behind its pick, to the point where there were threats of taking the hour-long drama to the competition.

Now, of course, the show is looking like a hit, and the network is singing a very different tune. (Which has gotta be hard when their bigwigs are also eating their words along with a steaming plate of crow.)

So, who was the small screen’s most unwanted lead? Guesses below. I can’t confirm when you get it right, but on the plus side, I also won’t mock you (much) when you get it wrong.