After watching last week’s debate, I couldn’t help but wonder how much more awesome the VP verbal tango would have been if the real Alaskan governor had been replaced by everyone’s favorite funny lady Tina Fey. Well, I sure didn’t have to wait long to find out. Saturday Night Live answered my prayers this weekend, sending up the debate in its opening sketch, which featured Fey, Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden, and Queen Latifah as debate moderator Gwen Ifill. My favorite part of the clip below? When Fey whips out a flute and asks, “Are we not doing the talent portion?” (And that’s not just because I’m a former flautist.)

Fey’s obviously hit comedic paydirt with her spot-on impersonation of the pol, but as much as I love me some updoed, skirt-suited Tina, I can’t help but pine for the days when Will Ferrell brought down the White house on SNL as a bumbling version of our current Commander in Chief. I’ll always remember those squinty eyes, that Texas drawl, and all of that well-thunk strategery. SNL has had its fair share of great (Fey as Palin, Ferrell as both Bush and Janet Reno, Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton) and not so-great (Fred Armisen as Barack Obama) political impersonators. Time for you to cast your vote, PopWatchers. What’s your favorite political impersonation in SNL history? (And what did you think of this weekend’s opening sketch?)

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