By Tanner Stransky
Updated October 03, 2008 at 04:55 PM EDT

How delicious was last night’s episode of Ugly Betty? Hands down, the best moment was the hammy flash-forward scene where we saw a future version of Betty (America Fererra) reimagined in the divalicious image of Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams). Honestly, who requests a snack of carrot shavings? And that bit with the puppy at the end? Genius! The sequence produced at least one of the night’s best bites, which is one of the four moments included in our “Quote Off” video pitting the best Betty quips of the night against each other. Watch the video, then vote for your favorite in our poll below. The rest of the night’s best lines are after the jump. Oh, and don’t forget to leave your own comments telling me which of your favorites I missed!

“What’s more romantic than lunch on foot with a view of Riker’sIsland?” — Hilda (Ana Ortiz), while on a quickie lunch date along theriver with hottie boyfriend Coach Tony Diaz (Eddie Cibrian)

“Who cares what the average woman wears on the street? We shouldn’tbe taking their picture — we should be throwing rocks at them.”— Wilhelmina, while making editorial decisions for Mode

“Aunt Betty, you have to go back to Mode. Player getsme nothing. It’s like I’m stuck in a sand trap at the bottom of theninth quarter. Listen to me: I’m already changing!” — Justin (MarkIndelicato), mixing up his sports terminology, thus explaining whatBetty’s job change is doing to him

“This is my favorite part of the job: injecting deadly poison intomy boss’s head.” — Marc (Michael Urie), just before giving Wilhelminaher regular dose of Botox

“Oh, I’m so numb up there I wouldn’t know if you hit bone.”— Wilhelmina, after Betty questions whether she’s the person to beadministering the diva’s Botox

“I would rather eat butter!” — Marc, as Betty asks for his help

“Hush little homo, don’t you cry / Mandi’s gonna steal you a Pradatie” — Amanda (Becki Newton), comforting b-fri Marc after Betty stealshis job

“Now be a dear and go fetch me some carrot shavings. I’m feelingsnackish.” — Betty, doing her best (and totally awesome) version ofWilhelmina

“Mom, leopard and zebra? They fight each other in the wild. You’llnever survive the evening!” — Justin, chiding his mother Hilda for herfashion choices

“They found oxycontin! Heroin! It’s like Rush Limbaugh fornicatedwith Amy Winehouse and they spawned you!” — Christina (Ashley Jensen),yelling at her husband Stuart (Derek Riddell) after seeing the resultsof his drug test

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