I’ve been workin’ on a little thought experiment for some time now. It goes like this: If I ever find myself interviewing Auto-Tune-loving singer T-Pain again, midway through the interview I could start typing my questions into Microsoft Word and using the “Speech” toolbar on them, so they’ll come out of my computer’s speakers in a robot voice. “Why-are-you-wearing-that-silly-top-hat-T-Pain?” the MS Word voice would croak mechanically. (Just like the vocal filter T-Pain uses in all his music, get it?) “Please, T-Pain, tell me more about the hat… T-Pain, these are serious questions. Why are you laughing at me? Is it because I am a robot?… T-Pain, robots have feelings too. I thought you would understand that.”

Okay, this is funnier when I actually force co-workers to listen to MS Word reading those sentences aloud, I swear. Moving on! I think I’m going to have to abandon this plan, sadly, because T-Pain himself has beaten me to the punch. Below, behold the genius clip he just shot for to promote his upcoming album Thr33 Ringz. Plentiful LOLs (and some NSFW dialogue) lurk within. If you’ve ever wondered just why T-Pain is always using that Auto-Tune effect on his voice, here’s your chance to find out the real story. And if he ever wants to switch careers again, I think he’d have a pretty decent shot at becoming a successful “rappa-ternt-sanga“-ternt-viral-video-comedian. Don’t you?

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  • 143 minutes