TV's funniest lines from Oct 3 to 9

”I’m sorry, but this is Camden — people quit everything here. That’s why the freeway ends in a field.”
—Earl (Jason Lee) on My Name Is Earl

”There will be women fainting. I’d think you’d like that.”
—Don (Jon Hamm), to Ken Cosgrove (Aaron Staton) on the perks of the office blood drive, on Mad Men

”Andy Bernard does not lose contests. He wins them — or he quits them, because they’re unfair.”
—Andy (Ed Helms), on Dunder Mifflin’s weight-loss challenge, on The Office

”I’m not ready to leave the country. I just signed a three-year contract with my phone company.”
—Barb (Wanda Sykes), on discovering she might be deported, on The New Adventures of Old Christine

”I’m not with child. Unless it’s immaculate conception or I wore a strange man’s underwear.”
—Temp nun Olive (Kristin Chenoweth), to her mother superior, on Pushing Daisies

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