We rate pop culture for the week of September 22, 2008 including Ne-Yo, Chris Rock, Katy Perry's doll, and more

· R&B singer Ne-Yo finally gives Usher serious competition in the ”worthy heir to Michael Jackson” sweepstakes
· Foo Fighters headline the Austin City Limits festival, where Dave Grohl continues to define the overused term ”rock star”
· With new Desperate Housewives gig, Gale Harold successfully atones for Queer as Folk

Near Misses
· The new Benjamin Button trailer: So entrancing, for once we don’t mind that we basically saw the whole movie in 2 minutes, 31 seconds
· Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds get hitched on the DL. Hotness factor of North America’s singletons drops by approximately 14 percent
· Chris Rock‘s latest HBO special: sidesplitting or sexist?

· Katy Perry immortalized as a limited-edition collectible doll. Sources tell Bullseye it will not be part of the Marie Osmond collection.
· Financially strapped Ed McMahon will rap in two online viral videos for FreeCreditReport.com. This is why God created the mute function on your computer.
· Gabon’s Fang: worst team in Survivor history?