Blindness, Flash of Genius, ...
Credit: Hathaway: Bob Vergara; Kinnear: Kerry Hayes; Moore: Alexandre Erme

Starting this week through the end of the year, I’ll be taking a look at each week’s slate of award contenders and identifying which categories mark their best shots at a nomination. It may only be early October, but OscarWatchers have a lot to choose from this weekend.


Best Bets

Best Actress, Anne Hathaway
The 25-year-old fashion plate and recent tabloid staple is thoroughly convincing as an out-of-rehab troublemaker.

Best Original Screenplay, Jenny Lumet
The first produced script from the daughter of filmmaker Sidney Lumet is full of memorable moments—some dark, some light, all truthful.


Best Supporting Actress, Rosemarie DeWitt
Fresh off her turn as Jon Hamm’s mistress on Season 1 of Mad Men, DeWitt is the perfect foil to Hathaway as the titular bride-to-be.

Long shot

Best Supporting Actress, Debra Winger
The three-time nominee is terrific as the film’s main mother figure but may lack the screen time to score a nod.


Long shot

Best Actor, Greg Kinnear
Kinnear anchors the man-against-corporation drama with ease, but the film’s lukewarm reviews don’t bode well.


Long shot

Best Actress, Julianne Moore
One of these years she’ll get her fifth nomination (and surely she’ll actually win eventually). But there just may be too many other strong lead female contenders this year.



Best Documentary
If Michael Moore can win an Oscar, surely Bill Maher can snag a nomination for his wildly entertaining skewering of organized religion, right? It’ll all depend on how faith-based the Academy is.

addCredit(” Hathaway: Bob Vergara; Kinnear: Kerry Hayes; Moore: Alexandre Erme”)