In keeping with today’s odd confessional spirit, I’d like to openly admit that I hate really drunk people in movies. I’ll eventually see Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist because I kind of have to, but the one thing holding me back is that really drunk girl (Kat Dennings’ best friend in the movie, played by 25-year-old stage vet Ali Graynor) in the trailer. You know her. You’ve seen the commercial 10,000 times. She finds Jesus and he’s much taller than she expected. People seem to find this line hysterical; I find it completely annoying. Maybe I’m just jealous because the closest thing to Jesus I’ve found late-night in New York is pizza. Anyway, Lisa Schwarzbaum raves about Graynor’s performance in her A- review of Nick and Norah’s, and my office buddies who’ve seen the film say the drunk girl’s the best part of it. I’m hopeful that Graynor can convert me, but I’m still not swayed.

What about you? Drunk people in movies: Intoxicating or hilarious? Why can’t everybody just get stoned?

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