If you know me at all, you must have guessed that I’d be irresistibly compelled to write about two developments in the world of music last week. First my #1 faves, Radiohead, encouraged fans to remix their new single “Reckoner” by putting its constituent “stems” for sale on iTunes. (This means fans can buy up to six isolated parts taken from the master recording of “Reckoner” — one with only percussion, one with only guitar, one with only lead vocals, and so on — and then splice, recombine, and otherwise manipulate those parts however they want to create a new piece of music. Radiohead did the same thing earlier this year for “Nude.”) Then Kanye West put up the stems of his new single, “Love Lockdown,” for free on his own website, letting the public in on his creative process yet again. Stems, stems, as far as the ear can hear!

Radiohead has set up a special website where you can upload your own remix or sift through the hundreds of accumulating entries and vote for the best. (Well-known DJs Cadence Weapon and Diplo have already kicked in predictably dope takes; I’m also partial to vlogger Jay Smooth’s Prince mashup.) And there are plenty of cool “Love Lockdown” remixes floating around online, too. (I recommend Teen Wolf‘s glitched-out attempt and the Perez Hilton-approved T-Minus 321 mix, for starters.)

But here’s what I’m wondering. How has no one created a super-remix fusing the stems from both “Love Lockdown” and “Reckoner” yet? The two songs’ tempos, feels, and so on aren’t totally dissimilar, so I’m pretty sure this would be possible. Whether it would be advisable is a whole other question. But come on! Someone’s gotta try, right? I’m hereby throwing down the gauntlet: The first person to mix “Reckoner” and “Love Lockdown” together and post a link in the comments below wins my undying respect, a shout-out of some sort, and probably a lot of clicks from the people at Mega bonus points if your Frankenmix actually sounds any good. I’m giving you a week to pull this off, Internets. (And by all means, let me know if I’ve somehow missed someone who’s already done this…) In the meantime, are there any other new Radiohead or Kanye remixes out there that you’re liking?


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