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When it comes to what is good for the show, as producers, we obviously look at it much differently than the Survivors. One of our biggest concerns is hanging onto our best “characters” for as long as possible. That is ultimately what keeps you, our loyal audience, interested. (Side note: Last week, a new study was released that surveyed audience loyalty relating to their favorite television shows. The number one show…the show with the highest viewer loyalty…of every show on television, was Survivor. Seventeen seasons and you are still with us. Thank you for keeping us on the air!) We now resume our regularly scheduled blog…

Unfortunately, we can’t tell the Survivors who to vote for, so all we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best. After three episodes of Survivor: Gabon, we’re very happy on that front.

First we lost Michelle, then Gillian, and now Paloma. Whew. Relief.Three people who will not be missed. I say that with all due respect tothe aforementioned, although, as my buddy Lopez reminds me, wheneveryou say “with all due respect” you’re actually saying without anyrespect at all. Yes, I am aware that if I keep up this lippy attitudefor the entire season that I may end up buried to my neck in sand atthe live reunion show. The problem is I write these in the afternoon,typically when I’m most hungry and therefore a bit cranky. Not anexcuse, just a fact.

G.C. continues to disappoint…himself. The reward challenge, whichwas called “Kicking and Screaming,” is one of my favorites, butwatching G.C. give up was even more dramatic. His tribe was screamingat him to kick it into high gear. Granted, they are living on extremelysmall rations of rice, so energy is in short supply, but Matty and Dancertainly had energy and they’re living on the same rice. In fact, canI just be candid? I don’t think it’s the end result as much as the lackof effort that frustrates his tribe. G.C.’s heart just doesn’t seem tobe into it. I’m sure he is wondering if he should have given moreeffort. What continues to amaze me is the impact this game has on thehuman psyche. Or vice versa. I can’t be sure which is right. Dalton?

Sugar goes to Exile Island and we learn a bit more about who she isand what drives her. She’s clearly still mourning the loss of herfather, who seems to be providing beautiful inspiration. She finds thehidden immunity idol with very little difficulty. Dan, who was probablywith friends last night watching this episode, must have taken a rationof it from his buddies. She found the idol in twenty minutes, dude!!She smoked you! Ah, Sugar…I told you, I think you’re gonna root for her.

The immunity challenge provided at least one bit of excitement — bikinis! It’s just not Survivorif, at some point, the women are not in bikinis. Am I wrong? Is thatsexist? I’m just saying what people on the street tell me. Just keepin’it reeeel dawg. Why you gotta bring me down? I don’t believe youcritics anyway. I think you like it.

Time for another question: “At this early stage of the game, who areyou pulling for?” Since EW isn’t giving me a space for comments, eventhough I take time out of my extremely hectic and oh-so-important lifeto write this column, go to Dalton’s column and post your answer! [Editor’s note: We would never deny Jeff his due comment space, so feel free to post your thoughts below. In fact, we insist!]

So, Fang has turned things around with back-to-back wins. Trust me,Marcus is not happy. He’s a doctor. Did you know that? He just lost toa tribe of misfits, many of whom do not even have college degrees! Noway! Kota now going to feel the after effect of having to vote someoneout. It’s not so fun anymore. Kelly is on the outs for voting againstAce. What will she do? Come on Kelly. Think. What would Lindsay do?Kota needs to get it back together.

Next week has a nice little twist conceived by our resident switchexpert, Dan Munday. I love it when we come up with something new thatcatches them off guard. It’s so hard to do that anymore, so when ithappens we celebrate. We really do. We go back to base camp, pop abottle of champagne, and slap each other on the backs. I’m kidding.There is no hitting on Survivor.

For EW and Dalton Ross,

Poppa J.

Now check out our exclusive deleted scene from ‘Survivor’ and then read Dalton’s recap .

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