Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on David Foster Wallace, Anne Hathaway, and ''An American Carol''

Feedback from our readers

Royal Decree
Anne Hathaway has grown up before our eyes, going from gawky teen actress to Oscar bait (”Anne With a Plan”). And when she had to contend with the Raffaello Follieri scandal, she handled the entire affair like a, well, princess. Strike that: She handled it like a queen. All hail Queen Anne!
Gregory Alan Reggio
Fort Lauderdale

Literary Lion
Thanks for your tribute to David Foster Wallace. A man who paid no heed to word limits was deserving of a substantial salute, and EW deserves credit for realizing that. His observations on the often-overlooked were marvelous to behold. Though he was fond of footnotes, I was pleased his passing wasn’t treated as one.
Marc Tandan
Winston-Salem, N.C.

The Elephant in the Room
I enjoyed your article on the right-wing comedy An American Carol (News & Notes). I love movies, and seldom do I find any with a message coming from a conservative’s perspective. Kudos to director David Zucker and his band of merry men.
A. Snopko
Wayne, Ill.

Case Closed
While I applaud Dennis Lehane for wanting to take on a new genre, how dare he disrespect the type of novels he’s best known for! After reading his interview (Books), I felt silly not only for reading his previous books but for liking mystery-thrillers in general. If he does decide to ”go back to the well,” I am one fan who will not follow.
Kimberly Brown
Fairfield, Conn.

Triumph of the ‘Will’
I was thrilled to see Will & Grace as the DVD pick of the week. The review captured the essence of what made the show a classic: groundbreaking subject matter, rapid-fire wit, and a fab foursome of actors who gave the zany jokes heart.
Matt Helfrich
St. Louis

With Nov. 4 drawing closer, Mark Harris took TV news organizations to task for their election coverage. Readers commented on his campaign for media reform.

Mark Harris did a superb job of calling out the national TV media on their pathetic 2008 presidential election coverage. By refusing to grill the candidates on real issues, they are showing a complete disregard for the intelligence of the American public. Harris’ suggestions to smarten them up are truly spot-on.
Amy Asman, San Luis Obispo, Calif.

I found Mark Harris’ ”Undebatable” column hilarious. He dismisses Fox News and MSNBC as inane, but then implies that the major news networks have some sort of observable objectivity. When the mainstream media quit editorializing and start reporting, maybe we’ll finally give them serious respect.
Sean McPhail, Reynolds, Ga.

Rock & roll will never die…as long as there’s a place in Cleveland designed to celebrate its existence. This year’s crop of potential Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees was recently announced. PopWatchers question the whereabouts of…

Neil Diamond
He’s still a major concert draw after 40 years in the business and has been covered by everyone from UB40 to the Monkees. —dave

Rick Rubin
He should get in for Slayer’s Reign in Blood, the best metal album ever, and for his Johnny Cash CDs, which resurrected Cash’s career. —Bill

They did what no other girl group was doing at the time, mixing rock, soul, funk, and gospel in their sound. —DG

They’ve had the same lineup for more than 30 years and continue to make great music on their own terms. —Karl