Credit: Thurman: Linda R. Chen; Harold: RonTom/ABC

As the leaves change, the temperature drops, and your TiVo fills up with a fresh harvest of television shows — you know it’s time for Autumn! Who needs pumpkin picking when you have a whole new delicious crop of fall TV premieres to sit down and enjoy? I know I’m not alone — this week you guys were blowing up the posts with your love for all things telly-related. From the ever-winking Palin, to Brothers & Sisters, to the return of Russell Brand, after the jump are the top ten most-talked-about posts of the week!

addCredit(“Thurman: Linda R. Chen; Harold: RonTom/ABC”)

10. All of you may not have, er…loved him as the VMA emcee this year, but Russell Brand gets a second chance to charm — and most of you will give him another shot

9. Some of you are still watching True Blood…

8. No big deal, Jeff Probst just blogged Survivor for us this week!!!

7. Michael Slezak recapped the return of Brothers & Sisters and you told him who your favorite couples were

6. George Kennedy stopped by PW to remember Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke

5. In this chapter of iPod Inspection, you told us what songs iTunes gave the cold shoulder

4. Battle of the time slot wars! Three letters people: DVR

3. You betcha last night’s high-rated debates had all of our politically charged PDubbers on the edge of their sofas, just itching to type it out on the blog

2. All of the America’s Got Talent fans prayed at the International House of Hoff as this season’s winner was crowned

1. It’s no secret that PopWatchers have feelings about the popculture they consume, so it’s no surprise that you all had a lot to sayabout what TV/music/movie favorites you vowed never to indulge in (such as Pulp Fiction, in Mandi Bierly’s no-fly zone) and even more about which shows you’re emotionally attached to (such as Desperate Housewives, which is in Mandi’s fly zone (and by fly she means Gale Harold, pictured)).

Okay, so I know this one just barely missed making the list, but I had to do a shout out to one of Steel Magnolias and the lovely Dolly Parton who made our PopWatch Quote of the Day — as scrumptious as a slice of armadillo cake!