Here’s the celebrity register-to-vote PSA to end all celebrity register-to-vote PSAs. As PopWatch’s Simon Vozick-Levinson noted yesterday, it begins with a classic head fake, a minute and a half of stars telling you not to vote. Psych! No, really, you should vote because a) there are important issues to be decided during this election; b) it’s super-easy for even lazy Web surfers to register to vote, with voter registration information for your state just a couple clicks away at; and c) because Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire,, Natalie Portman, and about two dozen other youngish stars (and token senior citizen Dustin Hoffman) say so.

I still don’t know whether celebrity endorsements of even such non-controversial nostrums as voter registration actually sway anybody’s actions, but at least this one is fun to watch, especially for Jonah Hill’s funny (and NSFW) comments, and because Sarah Silverman takes off her bra. Ah, the lengths to which even the rich and famous will go just to pimp democracy. It’s a beautiful thing.

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