Anglophiles are well aware that HBO’s Little Britain USA, CBS’ Worst Week and Eleventh Hour, and ABC’s Life on Mars are based on British shows. These transatlantic crossings are none too bad (I’m iffy on Eleventh, but I’ll admit Mars and Britain are fab). Yet, I implore (no, I order) you to watch the U.K. originals as well. Seriously, you’ll thank me. Especially if you’ve never experienced the sweet goodness of John Simm and Philip Glenister’s acting in Mars or the clutch-your-belly funny of Sarah Alexander and Ben Miller’s chemistry in The Worst Week of My Life and The Worst Christmas of My Life.

So, here’s a list of what each series is all about, where/when you can catch marathons of them on BBC America, and whether or not they’re available on U.S. DVD. Check out the clips below (and after the jump) and tell me what you think.

Eleventh Hour
Patrick Stewart is Professor Ian Hood, a gifted scientist who is soimportant (and addicted to trouble) he has his owngovernment-appointment bodyguard (Ugly Betty’s Ashley Jensen) to follow him around the country while he solves freaky crimes involving cloning and viral warfare. Airs: Sunday, October 12th at 1pm on BBC America. On U.S. DVD: Yes.

The Worst Week of My Life/Worst Christmas of My Life
Bumbling publisher Howard Steel (Miller) tries to win over his in-laws in the days before his wedding in Week, and then attempts to give them the perfect holidays as his heavily pregnant new wife (Alexander) goes into labor in Christmas. Airs: Sunday, October 19th beginning at 5pm on BBC America. On U.S. DVD: Week: Yes. Christmas: No.

Little Britain
A sketch show from twisted British comedy duo Matt Lucas and DavidWalliams (who also star in the American version). Meet Bubbles, Carol,and Daffyd. If you don’t speak their catchphrases already (“Computersays no”), you will soon. Airs: Sunday, October 19th beginning at 3pm on BBC America. On U.S. DVD: Yes