It took nearly half a year, but my fond memories of SNL‘s Activia Yogurt sketch (press play below)finally inspired me to try the damn stuff.

My thorough post-purchase assessment of the yogurt is: Yep. Which is great, except, all week I’ve been paranoid that anyone who sees me eat it knows why I’m eating it. Yesterday I even stuck a little cup up my sleeve to travel the 15 feet from the EW kitchen to my desk. But now that I’ve gained some TGIF perspective, I realize that’s so bogus. I’m not administering an enema right in front of you. I’m eating a ***ing snack. By embedding the video above, I seek to reclaim the sketch, my noshing confidence, my body, myself, etc. You know what, guys? MAYBE I JUST LIKE THE YOGURT.*

*I really don’t! Do you?