NBC is cooking up one juicy Thanksgiving appetizer for viewers this year: Rosie O’Donnell!

Nearly two months to the day since I brought you news of the Peacock-Ro

talks, the polarizing funny lady has inked a deal with NBC to headline

an hour-long variety show/backdoor pilot to air live in prime time on

Thanksgiving eve, Nov. 26.

Appropriately titled Rosie’s Variety Hour, the special will kick off

with an incendiary topical monologue and feature celebrity guests, musical acts, comedy skits, and a

“giant” giveaway for both the in-studio and home audiences.

“This is a dream come true for any performer,” O’Donnell said in a

statement. “Old time variety, live from New York with a nod to Ed

Sullivan, Carol Burnett and memories of Sonny and Cher.”

For now, Rosie’s Variety Hour is just a one-off special. But if this thing’s a hit — and, c’mon, how could it not be — you can bet it’ll become a regular fixture on NBC’s schedule.

Reaction? Looking forward to

seeing Rosie back in her element? Was NBC smart to test the waters with a special as

opposed to, say, a 13-episode commitment? Wondering whether Ro will ply her prime-time audience with same complimentary Ho Hos and Hi-C she did her daytime? Sound off below!